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Freshly Roasted coffee

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Whole Bean CoFfee

We take great quality arabica coffee and roast it to a Cinnamon roast, by roasting slightly lighter we allow more of the beans characteristics to develop. By controlling the roast process we can ensure that we develop the exact flavours that our local customers know and love.

We pride ourselves on producing the freshest coffee you’re ever likely to taste and start our deliveries within a matter of hours after the coffee has finished roasting, with our record so far being delivered in just 35 minutes! Working with our customers we ensure that you always have the freshest possible coffee to serve to your customers, something to be proud of, making this part of the your experience, something that you and your customers can shout about.

All these details make customers worry about the price, which we know isn’t an issue, our coffee definitely provides value. 

We understand this key part of the business is an important margin sales line and will work with you to maximize your business margins, whilst keeping the quality, giving Red Funnel a reputation for serving the best freshest coffee.

View the coffee beans we have to offer

What coffee beans do we roast?

Freshly Roasted Brazillan Arabica

These beans have been dried in the cherry, then milled to separate. This gives them a medium body, with light citrus notes and a soft acidity.

Freshly Roasted Colombian Arabica

This coffee is medium-bodied with rich acidity with a clean and sweet aftertaste. The beans come from the Huila region which is characterised by its fertile valley and snow- capped volcanoes, perfect conditions to produce exquisite flavours.

Freshly Roasted Costa Rican Arabica

With smooth chocolate notes. This coffee type represents the classic, clean, Central American cup. Great as an espresso or double ristretto.

Freshly Roasted Congo Kivu Arabica

They are grown in the shadows of the two active volcanoes in the Kirunga mountains. The rich Our Congo Kivu coffee is distinctly spiced and flavourful. As a light roast, this coffee is bright and lively with a tart apple finish and hints of rich chocolate throughout.

Freshly Roasted Indian Arabica

The coffee is heavy bodied and considered to be dry with a musty, chocolatey aroma and notes of spice and nuts. The harvested coffee seeds are exposed to the monsoon rain and winds for a period of about three to four months, causing the beans to swell and lose the original acidity. Best drunk with milk, as a latte or cappuccino.

Fantastic Coffee! much better than the usual stuff you can find at the supermarket...

- Island Tea And Coffee Customer -

Filter coffee

Sometimes the best coffee is the one that doesn’t take much to get it in your customers hand. We still love our filter coffee machines and there’s just no simpler way to get great coffee!

(PS our favourite is the Blue Mountain II, why don’t your share yours with us here)

  • French Blend

  • Viennese Blend 

  • Viennese Blend II

  • Viennese Blend III

  • Special Pure Blend

  • Special Pure Blend II 

  • Blue Mountain Blend 

  • Blue Mountain Blend II  

  • Decaffeinated (Colombian)  

  • Restaurant Reserve Blend

  • Fairtrade Blend  


From fresh leaf to the
customer's cup

Blended Tea

Try our own brand Carisbrooke Blend teabags, find out more below.

At Island Tea and Coffee we understand how to help your company to deliver the freshest drink: from fresh leaf straight through to the customer’s cup. 

Carisbrooke Blend

Specifically blended for the Islands hard waters we think there’s nothing that tastes better, and we should know… we drink a lot of great tea. But its not really for us to decide, why don’t you drop an enquiry below and get a little sample for yourself or pop in and we will make you a brew.

Tea Products We Offer

How does this translate to your business? We offer a tailored service and help you find the perfect tea for your customers:

  • Our own brand Carisbrooke Blend teabags suited to the Island’s hard water, available in 1-cup, 2-cup, enveloped and 2 & 4 pint bags
  • Twinings Teas in string and tagged, enveloped and ordinary tea bags
  • Herbal teas and Speciality teas including Decaffeinated, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Camomile and Fruit flavours
  • Commercial brewers and boilers suitable for all sizes of business.


  • Individually-wrapped caramelised Lotus biscuits
  • Walkers twin-pack shortbread
  • Milk and Cream jiggers
  • Condiment sachets including salt, pepper, mayonnaise, ketchup and vinegar
  • Bonne Maman jams in 30g glass jars
  • In-cup drinks and singles products (Kenco coffees, Cappuccino, Maxwell House, PG Tips tea, Knorr soups, Suchards hot chocolate, Bovril)


  • White and Brown Sugars in Sachets, Sticks, 5Kg Granulated, Vending and Rough Cubed
  • Splenda brand sweeteners in sachets, sticks and 5Kg bags
  • A wide range of Monin syrups
  • Mini marshmallows, chocolate sprinkles, fudge shrapnels and other flavoured sprinkle shakers

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