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The Island Tea & Coffee Co. are tea and coffee specialists based on the Isle of Wight. All of our freshly roast coffee is developed and created in Rookley along with our blend of Carisbrooke Tea

Understanding tea and coffee has grown our business over the last 35 years, and our business supplies both tea and coffee to a wide range of our 1600 customers on the Isle of Wight and around Hampshire. These range from attractions like the Isle of Wight Steam Railway to national chains like Morrisons.

We pride ourselves on producing the freshest coffee you’re ever likely to taste and start our deliveries within a matter of hours after the coffee has finished roasting, with our record so far being delivered in just 35 minutes! Each machine in our Coffee Roastery has the capacity to produce over 50 tonnes of coffee per year, and our team of 16 allow us to constantly exceed our customers expectations both on taste and service.

Our Carisbrooke Tea is blended for hard water, and we taste test it daily to ensure that our customers are always getting the best quality drink(… and because we love it!)

Working with local businesses we will ensure that you always have the freshest possible coffee to serve to your customers, something to be proud of, making this part of the your business experience, something that you and your customers can shout about.

All these details make customers worry about the price, which we know isn’t an issue. We understand this key part of the business is an important margin sales line and will work with you to maximize your business margins, whilst keeping the quality, giving your business a reputation for serving the best freshest coffee.

Whether you are looking for bulk teabags for your café or the freshest coffee for your restaurant, look no further than us!

We are every proud to announce that in 2019 The Island Tea and Coffee Co. brand will make an appearance on Morrison’s Shelves across the South Coast of the UK. 

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